#NaturalBeauty: Bodycare in cold months

I have a test to find out if you're in need of special care but don't know it. Lightly run the nail of your forefinger over these parts. Do you see a white line? It means your body is affected and crying for help. If your skin is on the dry side, it will worsen … Continue reading #NaturalBeauty: Bodycare in cold months


Clean eating rules!

After having been a clean eater for nearly a year, let me clear some of the misconceptions for you. For starters, the clean eating phenomenon (that has taken over the health world) doesn't refer to washing your food before you eat it! While it's good to do that, eating clean is a sustainable way to … Continue reading Clean eating rules!

#TuesdayTalk with artist manager Savi Shrivastava

You can take the woman out of music but you can't take the music out of the woman. I've been an album reviewer for four years (2012-2015) and a music correspondent much longer, so try as I might I couldn't resist this. An interview with an essential component behind the scenes of an indie band … Continue reading #TuesdayTalk with artist manager Savi Shrivastava

#NaturalBeauty: Save face in cold weather

I believe LESS IS MORE... and live this mantra in every aspect of my life. I barely wear any makeup (except for a dash of kohl), not even mascara or concealer and all that jazz. My daily skincare routine is... non-existent. I am a purveyor of all things natural. For me, beauty lies within. Give … Continue reading #NaturalBeauty: Save face in cold weather

How to naturally beautify hair in winter

Ready to shine head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd? With winter in full bloom, your hair is getting limp. I have immense gratitude for my curly hair but it's dry and frizzy pretty much throughout the year. It gets so dry in winter that I have a consistent bed head look... the … Continue reading How to naturally beautify hair in winter

Caturday chat with Mumbai city animal angel Malika

Today's guest on Caturday Chat is the beautiful Malika Bhavnani. She is closely associated with the charity World For All. Over the past five years, Malika has rescued over 100 kittens herself and been directly involved in over 300 adoptions. Sometimes, she even fosters kittens against the will of her two bratty cats, nurses them … Continue reading Caturday chat with Mumbai city animal angel Malika

Flex Friday: Hire a woman to whip you into shape

This post isn't meant only for the ladies. In fact, scroll below and you will notice I have written this from the perspective  of a guy and a girl. Women are often intimidated by the prospect of exercising in a gym. Personally, I love the free weights area, but for most, it's a confusing space. … Continue reading Flex Friday: Hire a woman to whip you into shape

Natural ‘drinks’ for safe weight loss

Why do you need appetite suppressants and diet pills when Mother Nature provides much better weight loss aids. These drinks are gentle on the system and great for overall health. Of course, the main reason they are on this list is for their fat-burning powers. GREEN TEA Sip on green tea before a high intensity … Continue reading Natural ‘drinks’ for safe weight loss

I drank ACV for 6 months and here’s what happened

As I had promised in last week's post on drinking (booze) without getting fat, here's the dope on apple cider vinegar (ACV for short). Celebrities are going nuts over ACV. Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she consumes it every day. Transformers actress Megan Fox is obsessed with it, pouring it on everything she consumes. But we … Continue reading I drank ACV for 6 months and here’s what happened

Tuesday Tip: How I learned to wake up early

My much earlier post on the life-changing possibilities of becoming an early riser, had readers asking for tips to roll out of bed. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, they say. 'I'd be a morning person if morning happened at noon'.  'Let me sleep a few minutes more...'  I used to say these … Continue reading Tuesday Tip: How I learned to wake up early