The curious lifestyle of cat people

Us cat lovers are a strange breed. We screech to a halt in the middle of a busy junction to pat a friendly cat on the head. We can’t see the ‘no entry’ signpost but can tell the eye colour of cute-as-a-button kitten behind it. Yes, cat people are a different set and loving/ working/ living with one is an exercise in extreme patience.


As someone who considers herself a walking encyclopaedia on the feline world (I have a cat radar which spots kitties from a mile or more), believe me, I know how weird (we’d prefer to think ‘mysterious’) we come across as. I run a beloved Facebook community of cat people (largely from my city) called Meow Mumbai. It has almost 2,000 members, some of whom are crazy about cats and the rest are crazy cat ladies (and dudes).

I’m also living with a playful but painfully shy (whoever knew that combination was possible?) tuxedo cat called Leo. Here’s a picture of Leo:

Leo the cat

This is how Leo sits by the window (no kidding):


Now that we’ve gushed enough over Leo the cat, back to cat people. Some honest truths about cat people you may or may not be aware of:


  • We won’t wake up unless the alarm tone is a mewing cat
    Your husband doesn’t wake up in the morning. He will if he thinks a cat is in trouble. Subconsciously, we are programmed to come to the rescue of a moggie from miles away. Even if he knows it’s an alarm, his subconscious will jolt him to his senses on hearing a kitty’s desperate cry for help.


  • We are willing to get fitter if the activity involves the house cat
    If you want to enlist your friend in yoga class, look for a cat yoga class instead. Enlighten your friend about the environmental and lifestyle benefits of cycling and you may draw a blank. Attach a basket for the cat to tag along on the ride, and he will be out there first thing in the morning. Just look at this guy!
  • Cats first, human beings later. 
    We believe on bestowing our affection on cats first (they need it more). ‘Human beings have other people for conversation, but my cat won’t respond to anyone else. You will hear these kinds of sentences a lot if you are (God forbid) planning to date a cat person. (Note: Ironically, cat people are also the most affectionate once you get past the shyness-masquerading-as-aloofness).

giphy (2)_2

And did we mention that we believe in making love, not war? We don’t really have a bone to pick (pun unintended) with dog lovers. Heck, I am a dog magnet myself. Come take a walk with me in my neighbourhood if you want to meet the scores of my pooch mates. The only point of concern is when a dog might be on the verge of attacking a cat. Sigh, if only all canines were like this friendly gentleman below…


Rude, curious, aloof, freaky, crazy, cat people are almost called as many names as cats are. What we do? What Wonderland’s cheshire cat would: Grin and bear it.


via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle

by Kasmin Fernandes 

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