How Ranveer Singh is cashing in on hipsters


a) Bend one’s head and body in fear or apprehension or in a servile manner.

b) What I do every time Ranveer Singh is praised for acting/ fashion sense/ jokery/ off-screen antics.

I know I am going to draw a lot of flak for this post, and probably lose a few friends. After, everybody loves Ranveer. However, write this I must. Ranveer Singh the guy is probably the funnest SOB around. He was all things good and honest when he came visiting with Deepika Padukone for film promotions at a newspaper office I used to work with. In the last three years or so, I’ve noticed a disturbing knack he has acquired…

Is Ranveer really a hipster?

When did this harmless looking guy in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl go from this…


… to this?


And this?


Twitter had a field day with his outfit for Shahid Kapoor’s pre-birthday party. Users called it the “condom dress”.


Just when we were making peace with his outrageous dressing, he sprung this homeless-guy-ensemble on us, and was heavily trolled for it:


He is trying to blend in with the red carpet. Is the frilly white shirt homage to the red iPhone 7 and Kingfisher airlines? We don’t buy the “I’m comfortable with my feminine side” bit. Internet users didn’t forgive him for this deliberate choice either.


He looks like the devil (no kidding) in his latest video-meets-ad for casual wear brand Jack & Jones.


The track features some of our country’s most talented rappers (Ranveer hogs the maximum screen time for minimal rap, of course). Devil the Rhymer, SlowCheeta, Spitfire and Kaam Bhari.

It’s one thing to wear outrageous clothes, sport an I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude and grow a beard. It’s another to be a hipster. Lesser-knowing folks have dubbed him a hipster, nonetheless.


The actor took advantage of the hipster christening and so did the brands he endorses… from Switzerland Tourism to Ching’s Chinese. There was a cringe-worthy distasteful ad-meets-music video for a condom with the hashtag #dotherex…

Ranveer followed it up with his “song” which he wrote and sang himself called Manchow Rap by Ranveer Ching. By the way, he’s playing a rapper in Zoya Akhtar’s film about rapper boys and has “composed” one song. The Indian media of course has gone gaga about him “turning music director”.

Note: He is the brand ambassador for Switzerland Tourism. A teaser for the summer campaign looked like this.

Snowy mountains and topless girls in beanies for the summer campaign

Ranveer is giving hipsters a bad name

Hipster don’t act like jerks. When Salman Khan movie Sultan released, Ranveer Singh was shooting Befikre in Paris. He went to a theatre where the film was being shown, and danced in front of the screen (while the movie played) and even said that he was not watching Sultan but making people watch him instead. Talk about attention-seeking behaviour.

Two other times he was out of character (the cool hipster he’s playing in real life)

1) When he acted insecure in front of Arjun Kapoor during a film promotion in a college…

2) Having a seemingly endless argument at a car launch…

Yes, Ranveer Singh has a lot of energy. Yes, he’s loud and boisterous and probably has a saaf dil that beats only for Deepika Padukone (at the moment). Still, he’s a fake hipster and always will be.

What do you think?

by Kasmin Fernandes


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