Caturday chat with Katzenworld

A big “thank you” for all the good vibes for the first #Caturdaychat with documentary photographer Akiko DuPont. With this series, Caturday Chat you will be meeting humans from the world of internet cats on special Saturdays. On the couch this week is Marc-André from collaborative cat blogging site

With 50,101 subscribers, it is one of the most popular blogs, period. On cats? Hell, yeah. Katzenworld is a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association. The blog was in the Top 15 Cat Influencers 2017 (All About Cats), stood #8 in the Top 100 Cat Blogs Awards (Feedspot), made the list of Best Cat Blogs (Best1x), was voted Top 50 Cat Bloggers (Thoroughly Reviewed), is a top pick for Best Cat Blogs of 2017 (The Meow Blog), also among Top Cat Blogs (Best For The Kids) and awarded Top Independent Cat Blogger (Tuxedo Cat). Phew! All this by a website that started over a board game night.

Marc lives in London where he is owned by two mischievous cats Oliver & Nubia. Says Marc, “Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia (aka Nubzilla) the Disturber of Peace, is known for her noisy roars and stomping as she hobbles through the living room. She may only have three legs but she has the heart of a lion and will not waiver to get what she wants.”

Marc keeps the rest of the team organised and heading into one direction. When he is not working on the Blog, Oliver will curl up next to him… Oh and if you are looking for a photographer, he is your man.

Over to Marc.

Marc-André with Oliver

Kasmin: What’s the story behind this cute venture?

Marc: Katzenworld was founded in 2013 over a board game evening. My best friends and I all had rescue cats. We felt that at the time there weren’t enough websites that focused JUST on cats and cat lovers. We therefore created Katzenworld and our aim is to provide all aspects of cat content from the cute and funny to the serious and also include cat health whenever we can.

Kasmin: Who are the people (and the cats) in it?

Marc: There is actually a long list of contributors that add content to our blog on a regular basis. Our dedicated team of Bloggers includes:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Iain is the other human owned by Oliver & Nubia. Iain does a lot of the editing of guest posts. He is the main person in charge of techie product reviews.

Laura currently lives on the Ehime Island of Japan in a far far away Galaxy… Oops wrong movie. But anyhow she is our dedicated Japan correspondent from her base in Matsuyama. Of course the world wouldn’t be perfect without her kitty companion Cobalt.

Lisa is our US correspondent who lives in Wisconsin with her cat Angel who has 101 different facial expressions that you might have seen on Angel’s Eyes – Persian.
Angel is also known as our Lady Huntress, fiercest hunter in the Midwest. She loves to hunt and play with her toys. With that, they make a great addition to our team for US product reviews and fun stories of Angel.

Charlotte is our Editor and also writes her own posts from Finland about Lola, Sampson and Elvis – her own three cats. When not writing / editing for Katzenworld she writes for her own Blog The Joyful Soul.

Carol is an artist who has a career as a full time Art Enabler (teacher) and Cat Whisperer.She lives in Michigan with her husband Neil, and their sassy cats Bean, Vera, and Lucy. She creates art for the Friday Art Cat on Katzenworld, and posts on her own blog, Art is Not for Sissies.

Zooey lives on a smallholding in Sussex with her husband, 10 cats and other assorted animals. In her spare time, she is a keen photographer and has her own blog Elements.

Karen is originally from the Netherlands, but now lives in London with her husband and their cat Dirk. She works as a cat sitter for Cat Care London. Dirk is a very lovable cat and he loves everyone. First thing he wants in the morning is lots of cuddles (yes, even when breakfast is ready and waiting). Dirk is quite playful and loves games that involve interaction.

Alice Chau-Ginguene is a Cat Sitter and Behaviourist at Maow Care in Dublin. She was born in Hong Kong and has travelled with her cat Larmlarm to move to Paris then onto Dublin. Fafa joined the family in 2009, one day before Alice’s wedding. She and Larmlarm are inseparable. When she is not working with cats, Alice is writing about cats. You can join her on her adventure (and misadventure) on her blog – The Purrfect Job.

Native Oregonian Mollie Hunt has always had an affinity for cats, so it was a short step for her to become a cat writer. Mollie is the author of the Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery series.

Kasmin: Talk about the different series that clicked.

Marc: Our ongoing series include “Tips and Tricks” on Wednesdays which is provided by a variety of partners such as charities, insurance companies and others. We work with them to source relevant health tips for cat owners.

Tummy Rub Tuesday is a weekly feature that invites all readers to send in photos of their cats to share them with the rest of our community.

Koko is one of the cats from this week’s Tummy Rub Tuesday

After a trip to the US and attending a poetry event on cat poetry, we decided to create “Purrsday Poetry” to allow authors of all backgrounds to share their work and love of cats with our community. This has been hugely successful and we get many many poems every month.

Kasmin: The folks at Katzenworld have a fondness for Japan.

Marc: My partner Iain used to work in Japan for a number of years so we often visit friends there. It was he who inspired Laura to move to Japan to become an English teacher there. Of course, as Japan is full of crazy cat stuff we JUST LOVE exploring the lesser-known areas of Japan to find cat-themed travel locations for our fellow cat lovers.

On our most recent trip we went to a small temple on the outskirts of Tokyo that is the birthplace of the Maneki Neko and you literally have thousands of cat eyes watching you from the little statues scattered around Gotokuji Temple.

Cat cafe in Japan

Kasmin: Who are the cat bloggers (individual and group) that Katzenworld loves?

Marc: Oh this is a difficult one! Two of our favorites are Cat Chat with Caren and Cody who runs a fabulous cat blog and Cats at the Bar, the later is currently on “holiday” as Tom is busy with his daytime work.

Kasmin: Internet cat terminology every cat lover must absolutely know?

Marc: “Caternet” (a fun take on the Internet but implying it’s actually ALL about cats) and the “catblogosphere” – a network of cat bloggers.

Kasmin: What’s new on the website?

Marc: Katzenworld comic strips is a new series of web comics that follows the adventures of Oliver & Nubia!

Oliver and Nubia

Marc signs off with an open invite for writers: “We also accept guest posts so if you would like to have your own cat stories appear on our Blog, feel free to drop us an email with your story and photos to

by Kasmin Fernandes

Marc and Iain live with cats, without ever thinking they “own” them [err… maybe the cats do]. It’s a lifestyle that some people living under the illusion that human beings are superior simply don’t understand. Different strokes for different blokes. Here are my favourite posts on the theme “lifestyle” from the vast library of WordPress daily prompts:




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