Detox water is the juice cleanse of 2017

It’s no secret that drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day keeps the body cool and hydrated. In fact, water is your best ally in achieving your weight loss goals. Combine it with superfoods and you will have a fat-burning, detoxifying elixir. Believe me, I speak from experience. If you don’t, would a celebrity transformation convince you?

Dum Laga Ke Haisha actress Bhumi Pednekar dropped 21 kilos in four months after piling on the kilos for her role as an overweight married woman in the film. She shared her weight loss journey on Instagram with the trending hashtag #LoseitlikeBhumi. Her posts have detailed weight loss tips, the first being detox water.


Bhumi gave detox water a lot of credit for her enviable transformation. Her first post on Instagram read: “What worked for me was I increased my water intake. What I also had was this thing called detox water.”

Her quick detox water recipe: To one litre of water, add 3 cucumbers, 4 lemons and fresh mint leaves. Refrigerate for a few hours and your detox water is ready. Bhumi says, “Lemon not only cleanses your body but also makes it alkaline. It also boosts your immunity. Mint aids digestion and gives the drink some sweetness without any sugar. Cucumber has several benefits… Remove the water from the fridge in a couple a hours, strain the liquid and pop it your sipper and keep sipping.”

It seems to have paid off. Notice the difference in the stills of her 2015 film Dum Laga Ke Haisha and latest 2017 movie Shubh Mangal Savdhan. Her co-star is the same man, Ayushmann Khurrrrrrana (with a cooler hairstyle) while the actress looks like a whole new person.


So, instead of aerated fizzy drinks that contain artificial sweeteners and empty calories, sip on infused water that you can make at home in minutes.

Detox water flushes out toxins and balances the body’s pH levels. We are blessed in India to have access to certain seeds and fruits herbs that have healing and detoxifying properties apart from being weight-shredders.

– Smita Sundararaman, founder and managing director, NatureHealz, a Delhi-based naturopathic treatment centre

How can sipping on flavoured water make me slimmer? Honestly, I didn’t get with the programme till I started doing intermittent fasting [which by the way falls in line with the principles of clean eating and keto diets]. In order to keep myself hydrated on weekends (Saturday-Sunday) of intermittent fasting, I would sip on litres of detox waters of different kinds. They were life savers. They prevented the hunger pangs and left a fruity aftertaste in my mouth. When the time came to eat in the evening (it’s intermittent fasting not starving!), I wasn’t famished and didn’t crave carbs. Instead, I would slowly and mindfully eat my usual serving of one. The overall effect was exceptional.

Here’s a bunch of recipes I used [tried and tested for readers]. They cost practically nothing to make at home [packaged detox waters are loaded with sugar so avoid getting on that ship]. 


You can make it in a jiffy. The usual method for fruity water is to chop up the fruit into large pieces and refrigerate them in a large tumbler for a couple of hours. With herbs and spices, heat is applied to extract the essence.

A point to remember is that it won’t give you the same nutrient density as eating the fruit or herb. The detox benefits majorly come from the water.

Frozen fruit-infused hydrating water

This is for the folks who are too busy to replenish a fruit bowl stocked with fresh fruit on the dining table. Keep different kinds of berries in the freezer and simply rinse before gently dropping them in drinking water. You can do this with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples and lemon slices, each of which have a number of detoxifying qualities and vitamins.

Saunf Water


Fennel seed (saunf) water is made by lightly roasting fennel seeds and throwing it into a litre of boiling water. Cover pan until it cools to room temperature and sip on it throughout the day. Alternately, you can steep fennel seeds in a jug of plain water overnight and drink the water throughout the next day. As this method has no heating, all the nutrients in the Fennel seeds are preserved. Consume up to four glasses of Saunf Water a day to get maximum benefits.


Coriander Water


Add a-cup-and-a-half of coriander (dhaniya) seeds boiling water. Cover and let it simmer on a low flame for 15 minutes. Strain and transfer the water to a jug. Let it cool to room temperature. Add no more than a teaspoon of honey. Drink this detox water first thing in the morning.

Adrak Paani

Also known as ginger tea, ginger water can be made by boiling freshly cut ginger root with 2 litres of water. I would add lemon slices after switching off the gas to make it flavorful. Strain and add a dash of honey.

Amla Water


Soak slices of amla (Indian gooseberry) in water with a dash of salt for a day. Strain and drink this water for a serious dose of Vitamin C and phytonutrients.

Guzzling down room temperature water day in and day out isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (pardon the pun). Infused water might be the solution.

by Kasmin Fernandes

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