Transformation Tuesday: Vinayak Sinha, television star

The biggest misconception guys who want to get buff have is that it’s all about working out hard enough, and you can eat whatever you want. “The fact is, six packs are made in the kitchen, not the gym,” says actor Vinayak Sinha. He should know. This buff anchor on the Naaptol Shopping channel has six-pack abs you can grate hard cheese on.

“Once you’ve achieved six-pack abs, the challenge is to maintain it,” says the actor. It took him six months of serious training and strict dieting to ascend to this shape from his self. For someone with a busy schedule, it’s tough but not impossible. I have 12-13 hour shoots yet make sure I go to the gym and eat on time.”

Human Writes asked the anchor to spill his fitness secrets.

I work out at least five days a week. It’s a blend of cardio, weight training and core exercises.

Vinayak carefully plans each of his athletic workouts in detail. The day he misses because of his long anchoring schedules, he makes up for on weekends. So, Mondays are for biceps and the back; Tuesdays are for cardio and ab exercises; Wednesdays are for bulking up his chest and chiseling his triceps; Thursdays are for another round of cardio and core work and on Fridays he concentrates on his legs and shoulders. He rests and recovers on Sunday and does stretches on Saturday.

Vinayak Sinha 4
Vinayak Sinha

Right nutrition is crucial to getting a killer body. Vinayak eats a high protein, low fat and carb diet. He admires his fitness idol Sylvester Stallone who is ripped even in his 70s. “Imagine the focus he has. Diet plays a vital role,” says the actor who debuted years ago with the popular fiction series Aashiyana. Vinayak’s diet comprises mostly of chicken, oats, egg whites, brown rice and shots of coffee in between. He eats specific pre and post workout snacks or protein shakes.

His words of wisdom for beginners to fitness: “Don’t succumb to laziness. When you are lazy or plain tired to go to the gym, that’s when you really need to hit the gym.”

by Kasmin Fernandes 

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