How to drink socially without getting fat

It’s a no-brainer that quitting (or cutting back on booze) is healthy for you. I severed my on-again off-again relationship with alcohol nearly nine months ago, and haven’t looked back (another aspect of the minimalist lifestyle I am moving towards). It has certainly been another reason my weight has stayed off and my gut is happier. The experience was a “letting go” of many things. Make room for other activities and you will be fine. Writer Danielle Page tried healthy ways to get the edge off in her NBC News BETTER account of giving up alcohol.

However, for those who can’t help indulging once in a moon, these tactics will keep the calories low and the health perils to the minimum when you’re out for drinks.

Hydrate before, during and after

It’s wise to down a litre of plain, room temperature water before you head out. Oh and don’t forget to eat before ordering drinks. A full belly will slow down the absorption rate of the alcohol in your system, so you won’t get drunk too fast. Once at the bar, drink 1-2 glasses of water for every drink you order.

Rum & coke? Nah. Mojito? Yeah

A harmless glass of dark rum and coke isn’t less risky after all. It’s packed with artificial sugar because of the cola. Since you like your rum, choose a mojito instead. It will give you the punch and the fresh lime and mint have a dose of antioxidants, so your cocktail has nutritional value too. Go easy on the sugar syrup.


Rely on mixers

Unsweetened coffee and ice tea, raw juice and seltzer are much lower in calories and sugar than the usual cocktail mixers. Improve your cocktail by asking the bartender to garnish with fresh ingredients – muddled berries, a sprig of parsley or thyme, or a slice of lime.

Say no to dessert shots

The moment your shot of hard liquor has some cream or sugar in the mix, the calorie count doubles. Stick with straight shots of vodka, rum or whisky to keep the calories between 100 and 300 for each one. No embellishments needed.

Choose cranberry juice

Loyal to vodka-tonic and Sprite+vodka? Try adjusting your palate to cranberry juice as a mixer to slash calories and (if the juice is natural) a rich boost of antioxidants.


Order light beer

You might be a connoisseur of the draught and macho beers. However, light beer isn’t just for models. It has one-third fewer calories so when you’re chugging down the pints at the office party, you will be consuming 200 calories less every fourth pint.

Brunch with Bloody Mary

One Bloody Mary is just 125 calories and a hint of sugar. It trumps a mimosa, a Cosmopolitan and a daiquiri in this regard. Says dietician Karishma Chawla, “The tomato juice packs in Vitamins A and C. A weekend brunch calls for something you can enjoy with delicious food. A Bloody Mary is the perfect brunch option.”


Savour every sip

Whatever your poison, drink mindfully. Did you know booze actually makes you hungrier both physically and psychologically? Since people’s inhibitions are lower, they might not be able to stay away from sinful crumbs. Take pleasure in every sip of your drink rather than binge drinking just to get high… unlike this retro Hollywood actress 🙂

giphy (2)

What is your tip for keeping the calories in check on a night out? Leave your response in the comments below. The best answer gets a surprise gift (the winner will be announced in 30 days)

by Kasmin Fernandes

Next week: Apple cider vinegar, the drink that will only do you good 

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