Flex Friday: Hire a woman to whip you into shape

This post isn’t meant only for the ladies. In fact, scroll below and you will notice I have written this from the perspective  of a guy and a girl. Women are often intimidated by the prospect of exercising in a gym. Personally, I love the free weights area, but for most, it’s a confusing space. A 35-year-old overweight Australian woman found herself in the same situation.

A personal trainer’s rude comment: ‘Oh darling, Crossfit is not for you,” after looking her up and down inspired Nerida Bint to shed 21 kilos and start her own Crossfit-oriented gym Lissome. She is fitter than she’s ever been her whole life. Talk about fire!

Nerida Bint

What gets Nerida going is helping other women transform and build a community with her identity as a personal trainer. The general notion about hiring a female personal trainer is that she won’t kick your butt enough. I beg to differ. Crossfit athlete Nerida is just one example.


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo’s trainer is Samantha Clayton, a former Olympic sprinter who now coaches other athletes. She is his secret weapon on the field, having helped him reach peak performance and turning him into one of the world’s top sportspersons. Ronaldo posted a picture training with her and captioned it: ‘Working on my speed with the athlete and expert in fitness Samantha Clayton.’ Ronaldo isn’t alone. This year’s Golden Globe winner Ryan Gosling has Los Angeles-based star trainer Ashley Borden to thank for his chiselled body.


The world’s #1 DJ Calvin Harris went from a pasty-faced guy-next-door to having a six-pack (and Taylor Swift for his girlfriend) after he followed the workout chalked out for him by California-based “hunkifier” Leslie Karpman. The young fitness guru taught Harris to swap his favourite take aways for green smoothies, egg white omelettes, salmon and veggies. Calvin thanks Karpman for his incredible transformation. Thanks to her, he has bagged a million-dollar lucrative contract as the face and body of Armani underwear.

From a guy’s viewpoint

Have you ever entered a gym and felt inadequate because all of the men in the section are fitter than you? This is a good reason for you to consider a female personal trainer. While it may sound lame to have a woman whipping you into shape, it’s a lot better than feeling silently defeated because your body is not nearly as toned as that of your male trainer.

Yes, women can be just as fit, but there is a part of the male psyche that can accept this easier than being upstaged by another guy. You may feel an overwhelming need to impress her. Of course, that’s never the main concern. “Hire someone based on their qualification, knowledge about fitness and nutrition and level of enthusiasm at investing time and effort into your health,” says fitness expert Vinod Channa.

Many men find female personal trainers to be less intimidating than their male counterparts, so they can feel free to tell her if something is too much to handle.

From a girl’s viewpoint

Working out at the gym is something most women dread. Walking into one is a surreal experience for ladies not used to so much sweat and iron around them. For someone who has just had a baby, it’s worse since they can’t bring themselves to face the mirror in their post-pregnancy shape.

A female personal trainer would make things easier while exercising since she may be able to relate. “With a higher comfort level, chances are, you will show up at the gym regularly,” says personal training expert Leena Mogre. You may be feeling awkward to do certain exercises and can freely discuss these inhibitions with someone of the same gender.

Also, a female trainer won’t second guess the training she is giving you since she most likely employs the same methods as part of her own routine.

World’s oldest bodybuilder is an inspiring personal trainer


80-year-old Ernestine Shepherd is in better shape than most 30-year-olds. She was declared the world’s oldest female competitive bodybuilder by the Guinness Book of World Records last year. She starts every day with a 10-mile run at 3am and spends the rest of her time lifting weights and working out. She also works as a certified personal trainer at her gym and has initiated many young people and seniors in Baltimore into fitness. Shepherd runs about 80 miles per week and bench presses 150 pounds. Bicep curls are done with 15- and 20-pound dumbbells. Married for 53 years and grandmother to a 13-year-old, Shepherd says she is “exactly where I want to be.” She has also completed eight marathons and has her sights set on the New York and Boston races.

Need more reasons to hire a woman to do the job?

by Kasmin Fernandes



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