5 solutions for getting fat on the job

The desky nature of your job isn’t the only thing to blame for the weight you have piled on since you started working. There are a number of reasons why your workplace is probably making you heavier:

Issue 1: You work late into the night

Some jobs (ad agencies, media houses) have late hours as a pre-requisite while some others need employees to clock in more hours for special projects. Either way, if you are starting your day late and staying back late, you are probably eating close to midnight and sleeping in the wee hours. There needs to be a gap of at least two hours between dinner and bedtime for food to be at least partially digested. The flickering blue lights from the computer screen will hamper your sleep further, making the hormone ghrelin go into overdrive to make you hungry, so you consume more calories.

Solution: Install the software F.lux into your office system. It changes the light emissions from electronic devices from blue to a more pleasant red.

Issue 2: You take frequent business trips

Business trips are routine-breakers. Travelling on work means lots of waiting (and snacking), poor food choices and hotel stays where breakfast buffets and room service increase the number of calories you intake.

Solution: Keep healthy snacks in your handbag so you’re less prone to overindulge once you get to the business lunch. Carry resistance bands so you can do mini workouts in the hotel room.

Issue 3: Candy and cupcakes are near at hand

Colleague’s birthdays, festive celebrations or goodwill gestures from a client are just three reasons for cupcakes, brownies and dessert to become a constant sight at work. Couple this with hunger, stress and boredom, and it’s nearly impossible to turn down the sugar rush.

Solution: Make up an excuse about being allergic to candy. Split the gorgeous cupcake with a colleague.

Issue 4: You order takeout

That pizza offer looks especially enticing on blah days. The Swiggy, Zomato, Hola Chefs apart, having a lot of takeout options near your workplace makes you twice as likely to be obese says a new study.

Solution: Pack lunch and at least two snacks from home so you aren’t tempted to order junk.

Issue 5: The lift takes you  around

Taking the lift for every inter-departmental meeting – from the 4th floor to the 8th, back the first and then the top office – gives the feeling of a lot of movement all day when in fact, you are pretty much stationery.

Solution: Take the stairs.

Squeezing in a little bit of activity every hour (and sipping on water all day to stave off munching) will keep your weight in check in the most sedentary of jobs.

By Kasmin Fernandes


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