6 foods to eat for abs

Belly fat isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. Visceral fat is an indicator of a diet low in nutrition and high in empty calories. Instead of shortcuts to look slimmer, improve on the nutritional deficiencies you may have and get healthier from the inside-out with an improved diet. These nourishing foods will support you and rev up your metabolism at the same time.

1. Garlic

It’s a standard spice-root used in Indian khaana, and science is proving that adding garlic to dishes high in fat and carbs lessens the damage they’re known to cause. Garlic is also great for controlling lipid levels in the blood and in metabolism of blood sugar.

2. Lentils

Three cups of lentils fulfil your daily iron requirement. Iron deficiency is not to be taken lightly. Your body won’t work to its full capacity if it is running low on iron. This affects everything from the metabolism to your energy levels. Include lentils in your daily diet for a boost of fibre and iron.

3. Yogurt

Good ol’ dahi is one of the best probiotic foods known to mankind. Probiotics make good bacteria flourish in the gut and at the same time, make it difficult for bad bacteria to survive. Research shows that eating yogurt on a low-cal diet speeds up metabolism, as long as you stay away from the flavoured syrupy varieties.


Tip: Add berries to a bowl of plain yogurt for an antioxidant-rich dessert rich in probiotics.

4. Oysters 

Shuck some oysters the next time you find yourself at a beach shack. This seafood is a fabulous dietary source of zinc. Deficiency in zinc is related to everything from a sluggish metabolism to weight gain. In fact, people who eat oysters regularly have better better mass indices (BMI) and cholesterol levels than those who don’t.

5. Raw cheese

Think again before turning vegan and going off dairy completely. Non-processed farm cheese is a satisfying source of protein, calcium and Vitamin D. “While Vitamin D is known for its metabolism boosting properties, calcium helps maintain muscle mass which also works in efficient calorie burning even when you’re at rest. However, go easy on the cheesy dishes.


Tip: Eat nibbles of hard cheese along with snacks and vegetables for the right balancing with fibre.

6. Mustard

Burning hot mustard sauce will make your body burn… calories because of the capsaicin and phytochemicals it contains. Research from Oxford Polytechnic Institute in the UK calculated that eating just a teaspoon of mustard sauce revs up the metabolism by as much as 25% for several hours.

Stocking these items in your kitchen is the best way to ensure you have their fill regularly.

By Kasmin Fernandes

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