Green tea recipes for gorgeous skin and hair

While we mostly consume it as a replacement for tea or coffee, green tea has multiple benefits not only in terms of boosting our health but on the skin and hair as well. “Green tea is one of the most natural and safest ways to treat yourself to accomplish the flawless skin and hair,” says Karpagam, national skin trainer, Naturals hair and beauty salon. She reveals DIY tricks (which aren’t very elaborate either) with green tea to treat common skin and hair issues.

1. Lighten dark spots

We all have faced the problem of acne in some point of our life. Some healed while few left its marks behind. Use of umpteen creams, pills and face products had unfortunately failed to fade away the marks.

Grab a few bags of green tea and brew it in hot water, strain the water and leave it aside to cool down. Now instead of cleansing your face with water each time, use this skin-friendly solution. Do not wipe. Let the skin absorb it slowly. Following this regime regularly will gradually aid in fading away the marks and prevent acne and sudden break outs as well. In addition, you can follow this routine with the application of a moisturizer.

2. Home-made face moisturizer

Take a few ounces of coconut oil, almond oil, wet green tea leaves and your favourite essential oil. Blend the oils and the tea leaves together until it turns into a creamy frothy paste. Finish by adding few drops of aromatic essential oil. Application of this moisturizer on the face and body will hydrate the skin giving it a smooth texture.

3. Green tea compress

We all spend most of our time in front of a computer, TV screen or browsing through videos on our mobile which definitely puts a lot of strain on the eyes often leading to irritations such redness, itchiness, watery eyes etc. Many a times, using make-up products may also have similar effects. Eye puffiness and dark circles are also very common these days. To get away from these problems, use eye drops, or cosmetic products such as under-eye cream or gels.

Green tea compress: Instead of disposing the tea bags into the trash bin, refrigerate them and use them as a compress over the eyes for a minimum of 20 minutes. The anti-oxidant content of green tea leaves cleanses the eyes and relieves all the tension around the nerves.

4. Hair detox therapy

Every girl dreams to of flaunting Rapunzel like hair but unfortunately the stress, over exposure to pollution and harsh chemicals makes them brittle, prone to split ends, dull and frizzy. Hair detoxifying is the latest fad that is slowly catching up among people. Though using hair products with green tea as a key ingredient is beneficial but nothing is more rewarding than a green tea treatment at home.

Green tea hair treatment

After washing the hair with shampoo instead of hair conditioner, apply water extracted of green tea for conditioning. A great stimulant for hair follicles, green tea promotes growth and nourishes the hair.


If you desire celebrity-like silky and radiant locks, beat an egg with green tea leaves and curd, apply this mask from roots to tip and keep it for half an hour and wash off with warm water.

By Kasmin Fernandes


(A version of this post was previously published in Times of India)

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