Yoga is my only purpose, says miracle worker Vikrant Sawant

[His first guest post was about the healing effects of yoga. In his second guest post for Human Writes, yoga instructor and miracle worker Vikrant Sawant tells the moving story of his self-actualisation through yogic sadhana and teaching. He has switched from a corporate job to devoting all his time to spreading the authentic yogic way of life]

By Vikrant Sawant |

Yoga happened to me when I was going through a bad patch in life. I needed help as I didn’t know how to get out of certain addictions I had gotten myself into, like smoking, drinking and self pity. I was at a time and juncture where I could have continued my streak of compulsive habits and behaviour and said goodbye to life, or I could take control and take back my life. I chose the latter with the help of YOGA.

Doing to being

I started doing my sadhana every day, just to keep myself healthy, fit and mentally focussed. It got me back not only physically, it made me mentally stronger and I was more energetic. Soon, it was not something I was doing, it just became me. It was no more doing, it was just being. From doing YOGA, I didn’t even realize, I was being Yogic. I was happier, I was more peaceful and I was more connected to everything. I stopped resisting changes in my life. I could simply sit and be connected with what I was doing and seeing. And slowly, it has become an effortless part of me.


I don’t think I do my sadhana to achieve something in my life anymore, I just do it every day. I don’t think there is any better medium to stay connected with real life. I am not doing anything to stay slim, or from this modern-day yoga fad. I do my practice as purely as possible to keep myself connected to the life that is happening inside of me.

Boundless joy

I saw that yoga and the way my life is happening effortlessly has to be shared with others. I saw that everyone is wanting something more, something bigger, something better, something wholesome, something more meaningful. But “something” is not defined, and hence, everyone is trying to find it in things, people, situation and places. However, all that is temporary and can only give temporary attachment and joy for some time. The moment that thing, person, situation , circumstance changes, it leads to bigger misery and bitterness.

Yoga, on the other hand, will help individuals to live a more peaceful life and in harmony with everything around them. It is a super tool for anyone wanting to become more happy and in tune with life without any attachments to things, people, situations. It’s this simplicity and undefined characteristic that made me take up this practice and go out and help others to find happiness within themselves.


Right now, everyone is trying to fix everything that is external, that one can touch, feel or sense outside of oneself. However, it is impossible to keep control on anything that is external to us

Yoga is the only method which gives an individual full potential to enhance one’s own experience of life to the fullest. That’s why I wish to take it to everyone.

Yoga on Youtube

We wanted to reach out to a greater number of people, to have them experience how they can lead super happy lives with yoga. Our channel (Vikrant Sawant Yoga) helps us do that. Though it is always advisable to get initiated under the tutelage of your own guru, master or teacher in this practice since there is always this aspect of pran, which can be loosely translated as “energy” with the master. Just the presence of your teacher/master makes your practice more effortless and joyful.

Youtube is the best medium to reach out to people who can’t go to the yoga schools. We do a lot of research before creating the videos on what viewers need more, where they are struggling, what are the pain points, the simple basic kriyas and sadhanas viewers can do from the comfort of their own homes and feel rejuvenated. We take into account requests and comments from our subscribers. We post videos every day or at least thrice a week.

My only purpose

Yoga is not my higher purpose, it is my ONLY purpose, to live my life happily and in return, have others happily as well. That is what I wish, for others to be able to experience the super happy state and not just simply learn. That we can be truly amazingly happy and that itself is the most precious purpose of life

My wish is simple: how can we understand our self the best. How can we manage this mind and body? That if we can manage this mind and body at certain levels of awareness, how everything else in life can be beautifully managed.

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3 thoughts on “Yoga is my only purpose, says miracle worker Vikrant Sawant

  1. Thanks for the link! I had a similar experience in that, through the practice of yoga, my life became more peaceful, more relaxed, yet stronger and more self-confident. As I said, “Yoga sneaks up on you and quietly changes you from the inside out!” ~ Lynn


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