How to shop for gym wear

Want to work out and look good at the same time? While activities like swimming and biking require specific clothing, a general workout at the gym requires clothes that fit well and keep you cool without feeling awkward.

Here are some steps you need to consider while choosing the right gym wear.

Choose the right fabric

While cotton might seem like the perfect option to keep you cool, experts advise that it is best to use cotton that is blended with lycra or polyester. Spandex is also an option, if you are comfortable and have the figure to carry it off. Use cotton only if you are someone who does not sweat much, as cotton clothes tend to cling to the body when wet.

Get the length of your pants right


If you are biking or swimming, it is best to wear shorts as longer pants can get stuck on the pedals while biking. If you are doing yoga or pilates, it is best to wear fitted long or three-fourth pants.

Colours are important too


Neon is very in this season and so, incorporating neon-coloured workout wear will not only make you look good, but the bright colours will uplift your mood as well.

Choose your footwear correctly

Make sure you wear sports shoes that protect your ankles and your feet while working out. Runners can use special spiked shoes if they wish.

By Kasmin Fernandes

(A version of this post was first published in Times of India online)

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