The secrets to smelling good all day

There are some people who smell heavenly all the time, no matter where they are. That’s because they know where to spritz and how to make their scents last longer.

We always say that fragrances have their own life, because they have a life on the skin. Sometimes you really start to fall in love with it over time, but it’s not always going to be love at first sight.

Here’s how to find the right one for you and other tricks:

Keep yourself hydrated 

Make water your best friend. Staying hydrated is great not just for your overall health, but for keeping your skin moisturised, which helps scents stick around longer by giving them something to adhere to. When our skin gets dry, it tends to absorb and dissipate perfume much more quickly .

Spray half hour before 

In order not to overwhelm, spray fragrance about half an hour before you leave the house and always at least one foot away from the body. This allows the scent to settle in, and not suffocate the person sitting next to you in office.

Be careful of what you eat 

If you want to smell good, it’s important to be thoughtful about what you put in your body. A diet full of spice, onions, and garlic will emit odours through your pores. These things can come through your skin for up to 48 hours. Food affects not only your own natural body odour, but also how perfume reacts with and develops on your skin. Eat lots of fresh food, including fruits and vegetables and clean protein to keep the body fresh and running smoothly.

Layer fragrances 

With perfumes and colognes of every crowding departmental stores, fragrance is also available in the form of body lotions, shower gels, soap. Layer these different versions to build on the fragrance, which will leave you smelling amazing.

Rub Vitamin E oil 

A little vitamin E (squeezed from the pill) before you spritz your perfume onto the skin helps. Citrus-based scents and eau de colognes dissipate quickly, so go for perfumes that are more concentrated and have heavier base notes such as sandalwood, vanilla, tobacco.

Reapply all day

perfumeEven if you are not wearing long-lasting perfume, simply reapplying fragrance throughout the day is your best bet. The skin is a living, breathing organ, so it doesn’t hold on to scent for as long. Apply one to three times per day, depending on the fragrance. Carry your perfumes in travel sizes and samples. Stick one in your purse, on your desk, and in your car.

Go beyond the skin

Smelling good goes way beyond just spraying perfume. Spread the love to your apartment, clothes and bedding. Pick up room sprays to do the job. There are so many different ways to add a quick burst of freshness to something that has a continuous diffusion. Since a lot of perfumes contain alcohol, avoid spraying your hair. Use essential oils instead.

Pick perfumes carefully

Chanel #5 is a classic perfume

Put some effort into your fragrance purchase. Take some time to seek out scents that smell best on your skin. Don’t just take a whiff from a store blotter and call it a day. Spray it on yourself. The best way to know if you love a fragrance is to take a sample home, wear it for a bit, and then decide on the purchase.

Spritz on pulse points

Where you spritz fragrance on your body can make all the difference. Fragrance rises from the bottom to the top, so if you spray at all your pulse points like on the ankle, behind the knees, chest, and behind your ears, you get the full benefit from a fragrance. Spray specifically , and go beyond the wrists. Other hot spots are the small of the back, the stomach, the back of the the stomach, the back of the neck, and the ankles.

Use body oil

Opt for scented body oil instead of your regular body cream. Traditional body lotions could contain synthetic and chemical additives, as well as preservatives that can break down natural fragrances. Layer a body oil with a perfume that has the same scent or try layering different scents. Musks are generally subtle enough and don’t conflict with many fragrances.

By Kasmin Fernandes

(This post was previously published in The Times of India online)

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