5 home improvements for weight loss

By Kasmin Fernandes |

Do you grab a banana when you’re hungry or dig into a bowl of chips while surfing channels? Your answer to this question depends on the way your house is done up. Interior designers and nutritionists won’t tell you this secret (they work with the assumption that you already know!?). The way our homes are laid out decides whether we are going to be healthy or overweight.

Here’s how you can rearrange your home to improve your health. Slight modifications that make all the difference.

1. Declutter

“Cut out the clutter if you want to welcome good health into your house,” says certified nutritionist Praveen Tokas. Slimmer people almost keep their rooms neat, clean and airy. You are more likely to reach out for junk food and sweets if your clothes are falling out of the closet. A decluttered house mirrors clearer thought patterns and eating plans.

2. Switch to small plates

dinner-plate.jpgThe larger your plate, the bigger your portions. According to a Chinese study, you are guilty of eating a whopping 45% more food if your plate is large.

“Give away dinner plates that are over 10 inches in diameter,” says dietician Khushboo Sahijwani. You can serve as much on an eight-inch plate as you normally would on a 14-inch plate, yet the eight-inch plate will look fuller and leave you more content. The grub will disappear just as quickly.

3. Change the kitchen chairs

kitchen-table-349702_1280Having too comfortable a set of kitchen chairs could work against your family’s weight loss goals. In overweight families, the kitchen is where everyone hangs out and chats with the kids, simply because people don’t just stand around for hours. The more daytime they spend in the kitchen, the more they eat.

Replace your comfy kitchen chairs with hardback ones that don’t come with cushioning if you want to keep your family thin. This will keep people away from the kitchen outside of meal times.

4. Paint the walls blue (or green)


The colour red has been scientifically proven to trigger hunger. Did you paint an accent wall red or coral? Redo it in aqua green or sky blue. Both shades encourage relaxation and mindfulness. In an experiment in the US, guests at a gala ate 33% less in a blue room than those in a yellow or red one.

5. Fruit bowl in fridge

The vegetable drawer in the fridge is designed to keep the produce fresh for a longer time period, but having it in a pull-out shelf makes you forgot about them. How many times have you noticed an old cabbage head lying way at the back in the bottom drawer?

Keep your fruits and vegetables in a glass bowl so that your family and you are more likely to choose them over frozen snacks. Juxtapose processed foods with real foods if you must. A study at Cornell University found that people choose healthy food thrice as often if it’s in their line of sight.

3 useful tips:

  1. Do not keep cheat meal items like cookies on the kitchen counter where they are easily accessible. Stow them in jars which can be kept in closed cabinets, awkward as it may be for guests to look for them.
  2. Remove the television set from the area where your family eats lunch and dinner. Having the dining table directly in front of the TV set is health suicide.
  3. Keep the phone and tablet away when you’re eating, even if you’re alone. Using technology simultaneously leads to mindless eating and dissatisfaction, which can lead to a binge session later.

Now that you know how your house is probably making you fat, are you ready for some rearranging?

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