5 Keto Recipes For Vegans

Vegan Felafel

My vegan readers felt left out after reading my previous post which curated the best Keto recipes for vegetarians. Democratic Human that I am, I have collated the best keto-friendly vegan mains and starters for you.

The ketogenic diet was a godsend for me. I felt lighter, munched much much lesser and experienced fat loss like never before. What I like about the ketogenic diet is that it ascribes to the rules of clean eating as well. Following the diet is a challenge for vegans and vegetarians.

Although I am neither of the two, I do understand how difficult it is for them since I have been temporarily vegan and vegetarian in the past.

1. Keto Felafel With Tahini Sauce

This falafel has the crunchy texture of an authentic chickpea-based felafel. It is so good, even your non-vegan friends won’t know the difference. Plus, the felafel is super easy to cook and the sauce is a zinger.

2. Raw Vegan Keto Noodles

Many vitamins are water-soluble. Cooking strips ingredients of a large amount of vitamins. Raw food is so healthy because it is full of vitamins and minerals which nature intended the vegetables to have. You won’t find any animal products or cooked food in this recipe. Did I mention this dish took barely any time to prepare?

Photo: Simple Vegan Blog

3. Crispy Tofu & Cauliflower Rice Stir-Fry

Cauliflower rice takes way less time to cook. It works perfectly for this recipe since it absorbs the stir fry sauce completely. What you get is flavour in every bite. Crispy tofu adds more texture. Cook this dish for family dinners when you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen but want the compliments nonetheless.

Photo: Minimalist Baker

4. Thai Soup

Winter is the time for some comfort food. Why should vegans be denied warm, satisfying and wholesome soup? This recipe is hassle-free. You need only one pot to make this soup. You can add every keto-approved vegetable you’ve got in the fridge. Don’t forget the main ingredients: Coconut milk, Thai chili and tofu.

5. Gluten-free Lasagna

This 8-ingredient lasagna is high in protein and fibre, packed with nutritious vegetables and has only 10 gm carbs per serving. What’s not to love? This recipe uses thinly sliced zucchini squash. You could substitute zucchini with eggplant or gluten-free lasagna noodles.

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