Free techniques for a fast metabolism

Small changes in your lifestyle will give big returns in revving up your metabolism. The result is that your body will function more smoothly and you will lose weight and fat quicker. These tiny habits don't cost a thing. Sleep earlier Lack of sleep can make you pile on the kilos. “You will burn fewer … Continue reading Free techniques for a fast metabolism

Think and lose weight with CBT

Our thoughts, behaviours and emotions influence each other. Beyond all that calorie counting, fad dieting and weight plateau is a ground-up form of psychotherapy that looks at this inter-connectedness. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) says that changing the way you think about food and wellbeing can help you form habits and stick to them. Says psychotherapist … Continue reading Think and lose weight with CBT

POUND your way to fitness

Pound is the new group fitness craze. Some sports like yoga, Crossfit and marathon running have ancient beginnings and some are born accidentally in the modern age. Pound falls in the second category. Former athletes and drummers Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom devised this hot new class at a practice drum session where they didn’t … Continue reading POUND your way to fitness

Natural ‘drinks’ for safe weight loss

Why do you need appetite suppressants and diet pills when Mother Nature provides much better weight loss aids. These drinks are gentle on the system and great for overall health. Of course, the main reason they are on this list is for their fat-burning powers. GREEN TEA Sip on green tea before a high intensity … Continue reading Natural ‘drinks’ for safe weight loss

I drank ACV for 6 months and here’s what happened

As I had promised in last week's post on drinking (booze) without getting fat, here's the dope on apple cider vinegar (ACV for short). Celebrities are going nuts over ACV. Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she consumes it every day. Transformers actress Megan Fox is obsessed with it, pouring it on everything she consumes. But we … Continue reading I drank ACV for 6 months and here’s what happened

How to drink socially without getting fat

It's a no-brainer that quitting (or cutting back on booze) is healthy for you. I severed my on-again off-again relationship with alcohol nearly nine months ago, and haven't looked back (another aspect of the minimalist lifestyle I am moving towards). It has certainly been another reason my weight has stayed off and my gut is … Continue reading How to drink socially without getting fat

Eat fat to burn fat

I have good news for foodies. Did you know that you can lose fat by eating fatty foods? Don't fall for that droll about fat-free, lite and skimmed products being the road to a fit body. In fact, health foods aren't all they are made out to be [more on that in another post]. Eating … Continue reading Eat fat to burn fat

Detox water is the juice cleanse of 2017

It's no secret that drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day keeps the body cool and hydrated. In fact, water is your best ally in achieving your weight loss goals. Combine it with superfoods and you will have a fat-burning, detoxifying elixir. Believe me, I speak from experience. If you don't, would a celebrity transformation … Continue reading Detox water is the juice cleanse of 2017

What is keto really about?

This is the second article in my series on the ketogenic diet. There are fad diets and then there are research-backed, scientifically-proven diets that tick the boxes of clean eating, whole foods and gut-friendly ingredients. Like Keto. In my 7 months on not-so-strict Keto (since mid-March 2017) I have come to think of it more … Continue reading What is keto really about?