Think and lose weight with CBT

Our thoughts, behaviours and emotions influence each other. Beyond all that calorie counting, fad dieting and weight plateau is a ground-up form of psychotherapy that looks at this inter-connectedness. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) says that changing the way you think about food and wellbeing can help you form habits and stick to them. Says psychotherapist … Continue reading Think and lose weight with CBT


5 reasons to fantasize about sex (not that you needed any)

Sexual fantasies get a bad rap among judgemental folks. There is a whole lot of evidence that points to how healthy they actually are: 1. Monotony breakers The act of fantasising keeps things interesting even when you can't act on them. You don't want to go through your whole life using the same position in … Continue reading 5 reasons to fantasize about sex (not that you needed any)

POUND your way to fitness

Pound is the new group fitness craze. Some sports like yoga, Crossfit and marathon running have ancient beginnings and some are born accidentally in the modern age. Pound falls in the second category. Former athletes and drummers Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom devised this hot new class at a practice drum session where they didn’t … Continue reading POUND your way to fitness

SKD: How the Standard Keto Diet works

There are fad diets and then there are research-backed, scientifically-proven diets that tick the boxes of clean eating, whole foods and gut-friendly ingredients. Keto diets are much like guidelines for clean eats that bring about sustained weight loss. A self-confessed diet hater, I ate pretty much what I felt like throughout my 30-odd years. I … Continue reading SKD: How the Standard Keto Diet works

5 dishes where Probiotics meet Prebiotics

Nourish the healthy bacteria in your gut by blending the magical goodness of prebiotics and probiotics in one snack. When they are teamed together, they have a symbiotic relationship that drops the kilos faster and reduces bloating in the process. What are prebiotics? For those unaware of probiotics, they are the immune-boosting live bacterial cultures … Continue reading 5 dishes where Probiotics meet Prebiotics

Anti-ageing secret: Think right

Turns out the biggest anti-ageing secret of the century is not in pills and potions but in the space between your ears. I am not talking mind control. Rather, it's simply the way you think with your brain that reflects in your physical appearance. New research says negative thought patterns have a damaging effect on … Continue reading Anti-ageing secret: Think right

5 things I learned after getting tattooed

The growing cult of ink isn't for everyone. While some don't like the permanence of a tattoo, others are wary it might be too painful. But for those smitten by body art like me, these aren't even issues. In fact, tattoos are an ancient rite of passage in the tribal world, and there is plenty … Continue reading 5 things I learned after getting tattooed

#TuesdayTalk with artist manager Savi Shrivastava

You can take the woman out of music but you can't take the music out of the woman. I've been an album reviewer for four years (2012-2015) and a music correspondent much longer, so try as I might I couldn't resist this. An interview with an essential component behind the scenes of an indie band … Continue reading #TuesdayTalk with artist manager Savi Shrivastava