5 Keto Recipes For Vegans

My vegan readers felt left out after reading my previous post which curated the best Keto recipes for vegetarians. Democratic Human that I am, I have collated the best keto-friendly vegan mains and starters for you. The ketogenic diet was a godsend for me. I felt lighter, munched much much lesser and experienced fat loss … Continue reading 5 Keto Recipes For Vegans

5 easy keto recipes for vegetarians

The keto diet is the most effective clean eating diet I’ve tried. It is so easy to follow, yet I get dozens of questions from readers every week. Simply put, it is a low-carb, high-fat diet. That means goodbye rice, chapati and bread, hello oil and butter! It’s the opposite of what we’ve been taught … Continue reading 5 easy keto recipes for vegetarians

Lazy tricks for a flat belly

You have made peace with the fact that you aren't a marathoner or rock climber, or a regular at the gym. Sure, you like to jog for a few minutes on the weekend and pump iron before a photo-worthy event. Otherwise, you are too lazy to cook every meal and go through punishing workout routines … Continue reading Lazy tricks for a flat belly

Lifestyle Design Hero: Simona Terron, The Heart Chef

This month's Lifestyle Design Hero has been a guest columnist on Human Writes: Simona Terron. Remember the heartfelt series of letters to her kitten Laurie and more recently, her delicious cold soup recipes? This lifestyle journalist has worked with magazines like HELLO, Elle Decor, Hotelier India, been publicist for luxury hotel ITC Grand Chola and … Continue reading Lifestyle Design Hero: Simona Terron, The Heart Chef

Cook with these 4 spices for weight loss

Flatter abs aren't so far in the horizon if you remember the right garnish. Adding these ingredients to your food every day will shrink your waistline Simply sprinkling fresh herbs and spices on your plate of food as a substitute for salt can lower your sodium intake by 1,000mg a day (for a rough estimate, that's … Continue reading Cook with these 4 spices for weight loss

Quickest mushroom innovations

Mushrooms are the vegan's go-to substitute for that meaty flavour, the chef's choice in vegetables to stir fry, and the single guy's saviour to top any pasta dish. Caps off, folks! Mushrooms are rich in nutrients and flavourful to the max. After eggs, they are the most versatile in terms of pairing, cooking time and … Continue reading Quickest mushroom innovations