The feminist on a quest to find out why Indian men rape

[Gutsy media consultant Tara Kaushal on her ambitious crowdfunded project Why Indian Men Rape] What comes to mind when I hear the word "rape" isn't the highly publicised 2012 Delhi gang rape (etched in memory as the Nirbhaya case) but the images from multiple "eve teasings" on New Year's eves in Mumbai. Gateway of India, … Continue reading The feminist on a quest to find out why Indian men rape

That feeling every writer knows

  That growing sense of dread as you approach the desktop. The groggy eyes from a night spent trying to remember that smacker of a headline. The lethargy of racking your brains over coffee. Modern-day writers are just as troubled a lot as the Hemingways and Poes of yore (not that there's ANY comparison in merit or talent, meh). In … Continue reading That feeling every writer knows

Hack the system with Maneesh Sethi

(This is an interview for the blog's Lifestyle Design Heroes series. Read my interview with Maneesh for the cover of India's biggest tabloid, Sunday Mid-Day published much earlier for an introduction) He's the guy who hired a girl on Craiglist just to slap him in the face whenever he logged on to Facebook (this crazy decision quadrupled … Continue reading Hack the system with Maneesh Sethi