Sleep naked. It’s good for you

You are setting the environment right for a good night's sleep. The shades are pulled down, all the electronic devices are off and you've sipped on a cup of soothing chamomile tea to bring on the yawns. Did you get out of your pajamas yet? Science and common sense say it's good to be in … Continue reading Sleep naked. It’s good for you

Part I: Keto diet 101

I've seen amazing results with the ketogenic diet -- over 10 kg weight loss and dropping 11% body fat within 3 months. It has been a visible transformation. I went from a size Large to a size XS and am fitting into clothes from my junior college days (oh yeah!). The sustained weight loss isn't … Continue reading Part I: Keto diet 101

Caturday chat with Katzenworld

A big "thank you" for all the good vibes for the first #Caturdaychat with documentary photographer Akiko DuPont. With this series, Caturday Chat you will be meeting humans from the world of internet cats on special Saturdays. On the couch this week is Marc-André from collaborative cat blogging site With 50,101 subscribers, it is one … Continue reading Caturday chat with Katzenworld

Cyberloafing could get you fired

Your colleague in the next cubicle is out for a late lunch and the boss won’t be returning from her meeting for another hour. Lunch over and done with, you are feeling the afternoon slump and won’t be productive till the coffee arrives. No harm in doing some online shopping while no one is looking, … Continue reading Cyberloafing could get you fired

Tara Kaushal: Why I write

The last time I interviewed Tara Kaushal, she was in the thick of researching Why Indian Men Rape [she still is]. This activism project spans two books and a documentary. How is Tara planning to pull it off while being a public figure, media consultant and wife? One can't deny that she is a force of nature. In a … Continue reading Tara Kaushal: Why I write

The feminist on a quest to find out why Indian men rape

[Gutsy media consultant Tara Kaushal on her ambitious crowdfunded project Why Indian Men Rape] What comes to mind when I hear the word "rape" isn't the highly publicised 2012 Delhi gang rape (etched in memory as the Nirbhaya case) but the images from multiple "eve teasings" on New Year's eves in Mumbai. Gateway of India, … Continue reading The feminist on a quest to find out why Indian men rape

Caturday chat with photographer Akiko DuPont

Welcome to the new series Caturday Chat. You will meet an interesting personality from the internet cat world every Saturday on this blog. I am starting off #CaturdayChat with the interview of stunning documentary photographer Akiko DuPont whose photos of her cat and grandpa's deep friendship went viral. iheartcats raved about it and so did … Continue reading Caturday chat with photographer Akiko DuPont

5 steps for making meditation a habit

When we are unaware of our thoughts and urges, which arise in the back of our mind mostly unnoticed, they have a power over us. We are unable to experience real change if these unbidden thoughts control us. "But when we learn to observe them, we can then release their power over us. Meditation is … Continue reading 5 steps for making meditation a habit

5 daily habits that will prevent you from going adrift

We have crossed mid-2017 and you are nowhere close to keeping your resolutions. In fact, you are adrift in the chaos that life has become again. Making yearly resolutions and sticking to them is a Herculean task even the best of us fail it. Setting goals achievable 365 days into the future and then going … Continue reading 5 daily habits that will prevent you from going adrift