5 home improvements for weight loss

Do you grab a banana when you're hungry or dig into a bowl of chips while surfing channels? Your answer to this question depends on the way your house is done up. Interior designers and nutritionists won't tell you this secret (they work with the assumption that you already know!?). The way our homes are … Continue reading 5 home improvements for weight loss

Tips for tattoo virgins

If you belong to that shrinking breed of people who've never been inked, you're probably still contemplating that oft-repeated question of tattoo virgins: Does it hurt? [I am asked this question EVERYWHERE... in offices, on the bus, at house parties, business meetings, one middle-aged woman poked me on the shoulder to ask me this question … Continue reading Tips for tattoo virgins

5 ways to stay fit on the job

Corporate corpulence is a modern-day monster that gets bigger as we advance towards 2020. You may have noticed a tendency to gain weight the further and further you move into your career; this is because as salaries get fatter, workload increases and so does desky paper work, pizza deliveries are more frequent and overtime becomes … Continue reading 5 ways to stay fit on the job

Free techniques for a fast metabolism

Small changes in your lifestyle will give big returns in revving up your metabolism. The result is that your body will function more smoothly and you will lose weight and fat quicker. These tiny habits don't cost a thing. Sleep earlier Lack of sleep can make you pile on the kilos. “You will burn fewer … Continue reading Free techniques for a fast metabolism

Anti-ageing secret: Think right

Turns out the biggest anti-ageing secret of the century is not in pills and potions but in the space between your ears. I am not talking mind control. Rather, it's simply the way you think with your brain that reflects in your physical appearance. New research says negative thought patterns have a damaging effect on … Continue reading Anti-ageing secret: Think right

How to naturally beautify hair in winter

Ready to shine head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd? With winter in full bloom, your hair is getting limp. I have immense gratitude for my curly hair but it's dry and frizzy pretty much throughout the year. It gets so dry in winter that I have a consistent bed head look... the … Continue reading How to naturally beautify hair in winter

Tuesday Tip: How I learned to wake up early

My much earlier post on the life-changing possibilities of becoming an early riser, had readers asking for tips to roll out of bed. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, they say. 'I'd be a morning person if morning happened at noon'.  'Let me sleep a few minutes more...'  I used to say these … Continue reading Tuesday Tip: How I learned to wake up early