#NaturalBeauty: Bodycare in cold months

I have a test to find out if you're in need of special care but don't know it. Lightly run the nail of your forefinger over these parts. Do you see a white line? It means your body is affected and crying for help. If your skin is on the dry side, it will worsen … Continue reading #NaturalBeauty: Bodycare in cold months


How to naturally beautify hair in winter

Ready to shine head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd? With winter in full bloom, your hair is getting limp. I have immense gratitude for my curly hair but it's dry and frizzy pretty much throughout the year. It gets so dry in winter that I have a consistent bed head look... the … Continue reading How to naturally beautify hair in winter

Tuesday Tip: How I learned to wake up early

My much earlier post on the life-changing possibilities of becoming an early riser, had readers asking for tips to roll out of bed. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, they say. 'I'd be a morning person if morning happened at noon'.  'Let me sleep a few minutes more...'  I used to say these … Continue reading Tuesday Tip: How I learned to wake up early

Motivation Monday: Have a positive body image

Love yourself unconditionally in the present. Good health isn't about fitting into a physical stereotype. Pop singer Kesha's shocking confession about her battle with eating disorders in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine got me thinking: Why are women doing this to themselves? As if it's not enough that there is a war on … Continue reading Motivation Monday: Have a positive body image

Sleep naked. It’s good for you

You are setting the environment right for a good night's sleep. The shades are pulled down, all the electronic devices are off and you've sipped on a cup of soothing chamomile tea to bring on the yawns. Did you get out of your pajamas yet? Science and common sense say it's good to be in … Continue reading Sleep naked. It’s good for you

Caturday chat with Katzenworld

A big "thank you" for all the good vibes for the first #Caturdaychat with documentary photographer Akiko DuPont. With this series, Caturday Chat you will be meeting humans from the world of internet cats on special Saturdays. On the couch this week is Marc-André from collaborative cat blogging site Katzenworld.co.uk With 50,101 subscribers, it is one … Continue reading Caturday chat with Katzenworld

Strong is the new sexy

Doing weight training has a host of gains you can't get from cardio. Time to do some heavy lifting, ladies. Next time you are in the gym, don't restrict yourself to the treadmill and cross trainer. In fact, head over to the weight room and invest as much (or more) of your workout hours to … Continue reading Strong is the new sexy

Calisthenics: The no-gym workout you can do anywhere

Want to avoid the gym but look and feel like Tarzan? Hang upside down poles (instead of trees) in the park and breathe fresh air into your lungs with Calisthenics. Calisthenics is an exercise form that is being practised the world over, and has found its way into India in the recent past thanks to … Continue reading Calisthenics: The no-gym workout you can do anywhere